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Excel is Excellent

December 5th, 2014 at 09:16 pm

Here you can see the modified spreadsheet that I am using for my expense tracking needs. There are some things I left from the original that I do not currently have or do such as Life Insurance, Car Payments, Vacations, or Netflix because they may be things I acquire or can just act as reminders of worries I do not have. I probably have way too many sections, but without being so detailed I am afraid I would forget to track something.

The original spreadsheet worked from net income which I did not like. I really wanted to be able to see all my money in one place and not have to go hunting for paystubs or W2s if I do not remember how much I paid in taxes or for benefits. Plus I have more deductions coming out of my checks than I am used to and I thought it might be helpful to see the whole year at once as I adapt to being in a higher income bracket. Wow that is weird to say still.

The difficult thing is forcing myself to track all those things that many would consider frivolous such as the Hair Salon, Spa, Clothing, or Dining/Drinks Out. Yes when money was practically nonexistent I enjoyed these things far less often and was not ashamed to search for deals, but these things are likely spending kryptonite for me. This is worsened by the fact that I tend to pay for them with cash which I have a harder time keeping track of. I have gotten rather defensive before when questioned about how much money goes on these things because I knew exactly what people would say. In the past I have sacrificed things that I should not have in order to enjoy these things, which is not good. If I am serious about improving my finances then it is important I be honest with myself.

It has only been a few days, but I have done well tracking my expenses. I ask for receipts and when that is not an option I note the expense on a notepad I carry in my purse. My focus is on getting caught up and so far I am doing that.

This might sound ridiculous, but I am kind of struggling with constantly having a positive balance in my checking account. I am used to having my account at zero (or negative) and pay day is a week or more away. But now one paycheck is more than I used to make in an entire month! December is special because I will get 3 checks instead of the usual 2. It is just very very strange. Then on top of it having a 2nd job? Having 2 jobs is normal, but actually making ends meet feels foreign. I wonder how long it will take to actually enjoy it and accept that I worked hard to earn this so I deserve it.

4 Responses to “Excel is Excellent”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Wow, that sure looks like something you spent a lot of time putting together.

  2. Petunia 100 Says:

    Will you share a link to the spreadsheet template?

    I have swapped online banks a time or two, chasing higher interest rates. I hadn't been aware Synchrony was out there. Good to know. Smile
    While 1% isn't a whole lot more than .75%, ING has been consistently lower than other online banks for YEARS now. I don't know what the advantage is to stick with them.

  3. LittleMissSplendid Says:

    Yeah it did take me about a week to get the spreadsheet to look like something that would work. I'm guessing I'll revise it a few times this month as I test it out, but that's ok.

    Here is the link to the original spreadsheet: http://www.squawkfox.com/2010/04/26/budget-spreadsheet/

  4. Jenn Says:

    Thanks! It's nice.

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